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How Weight Loss Changed My Life?

Photo by Kovbaskina . Walnuts already have an image as a healthyish food, but the California Walnut Commission wanted to know more. A new study asked if walnuts—already associated with lower risks of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes —might deliver some of their health benefits by changing our brains’ reactions to food. The Headline: Walnuts for Weight Loss? ( N e w Y o r k T i m e s ) The Story: First of all, this study tested absolutely nothing about weight loss. It’s also worth noting up front that it was partly funded by the California Walnut Commission, but the CWC had nothing to do with the design, execution, or publication of the research; the researchers came up with the study themselves and applied to the CWC for funding. So if this wasn’t about weight loss, what was it about? This was a small but tight study—double-blind and placebo-controlled. Nine obese participants were given either a walnut shake or a placebo (walnut-flavored and identical in calories and macronutrient breakdown) as part of their weight-maintenance diet for five days.

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